15th Apr 2021, 7:00 AM in The Fellwood
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SilverLunarwing edit delete
And with that, chapter five-- and arc one-- is DONE! :) Thank you all SO much for your activity and support, it means so much to me that my story's had such an impact.

We won't find out what happens to Nick for a little while, so sit tight. Chapter six will start next week after I toss up a thank-you filler for all the subs on ComicFury! But if you want to read ahead, you can do so on Patreon~

What's been your favorite part of the comic so far?

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Lavender-Tea-Dragon edit delete reply
Oh no! :0 Nick lost his Everstone! Are the had guys gonna get it and use it to track him??
SilverLunarwing edit delete reply
Who's to say the bad guys don't already have him? ;)
Lavender-Tea-Dragon edit delete reply
Also, no problem SL! ^^ You're so talented; just keep doing what you're doing! I love seeing your art, as it's so beautiful, thank you for putting in the time and effort to make STLE and I can't wait to see what you do for the next chapter <3 Also, my favorite part was the creation story lore :3
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I liked when Zaira was finally revealed in their true form.
Shadowwolfheck (Guest) edit delete reply
this isn't good, how will josie and grace find the everstone?
noblejanobii edit delete reply
Man what a somber sight that is.

I'd say my favorite part is still the creation myth you did way back when. The style and storytelling of that section is just amazing. But it's really hard to pick a favorite since the wagon cart chase scene is cool too and I REALLY liked this chapter.

Just a lot of good stuff to choose from!
MoogleSam edit delete reply
I don't think I could choose just one favourite part. I love any time Lu exists, I love when Grace used Swift, I love the cuddle pile in the cart, I love Kari and Comet's interactions, I love poor Callie. And I predict that I will love Josie and Grace trying to find poor Nick too.
Pontus edit delete reply
I love the lighthearted adventure feel to the trip so far. And the characters are fun. :)
YellowSaffronCitrine edit delete reply
Ooh, the snow effects are so cool here! (Pun totally intended.)

I think my favorite part of the story has been the characterization and dynamics between Nick and Josie and Grace. They’re so sweet but they also feel like they could be real people :)
Espurr edit delete reply
WAIT! If Nick was captured and his everstone was left behind, he won't he his mom anymore! :0

Also, your comic has been great in many ways and I love the little background traditions like the Fire Festival! I also like all the little details in this comic that is still really cool to me. There is so much cool chapters and your art is very good!
DarkTheFlareon edit delete reply
he lost his everstone.
This is troublesome, troublesome indeed.
Fluffyflare (Guest) edit delete reply
Skyfire (Guest) edit delete reply
Awesome job on the comic so far! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Anonymous wolf (Guest) edit delete reply
Watch him evolve and his friends go to save him and not reconize him. (Not entirely certain to what he will evolve to since im not a pokemon person but by looking it up... Well damn... That a lot of possibilities)
Cloudinal edit delete reply
To think that this starts off as Nick wanting to save Deepwood, and it ends with him getting kidnapped for a possibly God-summoning ritual in the process. Bad luck. As for favorite part... man, that's tough. There's just so many good scenes, it's hard to choose! But, I did really like the scene during the Fire Festival with Sammy, the part where Nick and friends are at Honeycrisp's bakery, and the banter between them during this chapter. I liked the one with Sammy because it was a nice transition from "we have enough time to finalize our decision" to "we've gotta hurry and go! No time!", and it added more to Sammy and Lu's characters. I like the other two because they provided subtle worldbuilding, plus the colors looked great!
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